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According to an article in the New York Times a Russian crime ring has amassed over a billion internet passwords. To give you some perspective on that, there are approximately 7.19 billion people on earth right now. That doesn't mean that the password of every 1 in 7.19 billion people you meet is in a gangster’s possession, after all most people can have multiple accounts.

How we did a few hundred 3D scans of people at FITC Toronto

Since December every week, usually on Fridays, we’ve invited people to come by our office to be 3D scanned. It was just a convenient excuse to have people by that we hadn’t seen in a while. I would joke with them that it was my way of doing sales and R&D at the same time. Close to the end of March we had Shawn Pucknell the Director of FITC in to be scanned.

Byron geeks out with Fog and Arduinos in Nepal

Our friend Byron Bignell took a $30 micro-controller and turned it into water flow meter and data logger for Fog Quest’s Nepalese fog collectors. We really didn’t have anything to do with this project, except for briefly loaning Byron Bignell a Arduino Duemilanove and an occasional conversation about what he was doing. The story of using inexpensive technology in a smart and efficient way for a NGO was too compelling not to share though.

I’m a self-identified early adopter. I have a Roomba that I rarely use (who wants to clean those brushes anyway), have owned a few different models of the latest and greatest home espresso machines, and have convinced myself to purchase every upgraded version of the iPhone since the first one was released (after a roadtrip to the Buffalo Apple Store). My friends can (and do) say what they will about how crazy it is  —  the truth is that I have a passion for technology and the new toys excite me.

Hey you, get inside my computer!

The first in a series of posts about how to 3D scan people, and what you can do with the scans once you've got them. People like to see themselves in photos and videos, and I’m no exception to that. I’m sure part of it has to do with vanity, but I like to think a larger part of it is being able to see yourself as others see you in the world. Modern technology makes this pretty easy and we take it largely for granted, but imagine living at a time when affordable good quality mirrors first became affordable for the masses and the impact that had on the psyche of human beings. Not to mention fashion and make-up :P

Duckface Selfie!

In the nearly seven years One Pixel Off has been in operation doing digital development and production for advertising agencies we have done nearly no self promotion. All of the work we've been awarded has found its way to us through word of mouth. I like to think that the reason we've been able operate like this and grow the company is the quality of our work. It has however become clear that the time has come to be more vocal about our achievements and capabilities.

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